2014 Academy Awards – A Landmark Oscar Win for ‘12 Years a Slave’ NY Times 3-3-14

Why do you suppose there were so many blacks associated with the politically correct ceremony previously known as the Oscars? I didn’t notice any Asians or Mexicans. Thinking adults now concede America is definitely third world, a zoo, laughingstock of the world. It’s all so bizarre, as if we were living in a make believe world of pretend. Oops! We do live in that world! Never mind..!


Genetically Modified Babies NY Times 2-25-14

As a northern European American I am definitely against genetically modified babies, now or in the future. Our people already endure enough pressure on our sparse recessive gene pool. If allowed, we know what people will want their babies to look like. People should be happy with who & what they are. Wanting to be part or member of other tribes should be discouraged by all means possible. Hint: they won’t want their babies to be asian or negroid.


Fox News’s Laura Ingraham on MSNBC offense: ‘This would never happen at a place like Fox’ Washington Post 1-31-14

As usual, the media misses the point about biracial (marriage). Opposition to the unusual union of biracial (marriage) between the races has nothing whatsoever to do with animus. Instead, opposition is about love of one’s own people. The natural inclination to love one’s own, serves only to respect the love of others of a different race. Rather, this unusual selfish union creates a deep sense of sadness and loss. For the vast majority of normal folks, the choice to deny life to the unborn children of their individual race represents a distorted form of self hatred and loathing, i.,e., genetic suicide. The beauty and distinctive differences between racial types should be encouraged. Preservation of the different races is diminished when the media fail to speak. The selfish biracial mating by definition destroys the distinctive beauty and unique characteristics of the progeny of the misguided parties. To characterize biracial (marriage) as ‘loving’ in nature is disingenuous and does a tremendous disservice to the preservation of what is most sacred..


How in good conscience? Charles Krauthammer Washington Post 1-18-14

When most Americans are exhausted by the US non-President, cynicism rules the day. Would the non-President had the honor to resign his (office).. Alas, honor is an archaic old fashioned judgmental word unknown to the current (administration). Never before have so many Americans felt betrayed, ashamed/embarrassed to be part of or associated with endemic corruption..


Benghazi Attack Called Avoidable in Senate Report NY Times 1-16-14

Of course, the NY Times will continue to characterize the criminal Benghazi episode as one of mistakes. However, thinking people realize there were no mistakes made by the government. In fact, the government succeeded in the intentional objective of ignoring the enemy and the inevitable death and destruction to the unprotected Americans. Following the successful failure plan to fail to protect the Americans, the government proceeded to engage in fraud with the contrived cover up scheme. Those responsible are beyond the pale, beyond the reach of justice. But everybody already knows that..


U.S. and Iran Face Common Enemies in Mideast Strife NY Times 1-7-14

The middle east chaos presents a unique historic logistic opportunity for the West. An opportunity to reset the very course of history in the middle east, to restore opportunity to the beleaguered people of islam tormented middle east. Because the middle east refuses to discard the historic curse of islam, they will continue fighting among themselves until exhausted. And when there is no one to negotiate with, war is the only reasonable solution to achieve an enduring lasting peace. Now is the time to arm the competing sects of primitive islam. The sooner they can annihilate each other without outside Western assistance, the better the outcome for the West. When the combatants become exhausted, depleted, when chaos subsides, Western countries can begin recolonizing the remaining populations. Post islamic era changes would necessarily include permanently abolishing islam, the installation of Western secular institutions, democratic government, etc. America should not miss this once in a millenium opportunity to liberate a tormented otherwise talented people..


Egypt Broadens New Crackdown on Brotherhood NY Times 12-27-13

Western countries should allow muslim brotherhood members to continue charitable work with the following condition – a public renunciation of all that is islam and conversion to Christianity. Nothing less is acceptable for the civilized world.